Effective Exercises to Activate Your Core

4 Key Exercises that Effectively Activate your Core

If you are a beginner to training or recently getting back into shape, you must have already heard of core training. You can read about these exercises in magazines or hear from doctors who recommend it but it’s important to understand the value of core strength.

Activating your core is not always easy if you are new to exercise or if you have limited knowledge on effective workouts.  There are a few great workouts we will share in this post but first, “what is the core”?

What is the Core?

The term “core” describes everything on your body except for your arms and legs, meaning it mostly refers to the abdomen or the abdominal muscles, glutes, inner abdominal muscles, scapula, and pelvic floor. Your core is the part of your body where power is normally generated to help you move.

While abdominal and inner abdominal muscles play a vital role to make your core stable, they are not the only ones that make up your core. Oftentimes, people have mistaken that their abs are their only core since they only do ineffective exercises. To help you achieve better core strength, here are 4 fundamental exercises for your core:

Tummy Vacuums

Tummy vacuums are simple but powerful core-conditioning exercises. It is essential for beginners like women who already had children, people who have not been very active or for people who usually sit for long periods.

This exercise helps in reconditioning the transverse abdominals (TVA) in order to brace the spine during movement. TVA our internal “weight belt”. It needs to be engaged when we try to move or lift something.

If you are pregnant, not active or sit for a very long time, your TVA may not be functioning well and become dormant since your body may now have forgotten to engage it during activities.

Clam Shells

The glutes are the strongest muscles in your body—these are your butt muscles. When your glutes work the way they should, they become a powerhouse that helps in putting and stabilizing your driving power in any athletic movement. But when they do not, you may experience back pain, weakness, and muscle imbalance. With clam shells as an exercise, your glutes can be activated again.

Dead Bugs

Another effective exercise to stabilize your trunk and core strength is dead bugs. This exercise improves core conditioning and stabilizes your trunk and hips. This also prepares you for crawling exercises by building coordination between the leg and hand movements. This is only performed on your back.

Band Anti-Rotation

Your abdominal muscles have 3 main functions: the anti-extension, anti-rotation, and anti-lateral flexion. Exercises for the anti-lateral flexion and anti-extension are planks. But people usually forget anti-rotation. Well, the band anti-rotation exercise is very effective, simple, and can be done at the gym or at home.

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Sublingual Absorption: Getting ten times more out of your supplements… and faster!

The year in 2017.  Looking back ten or fifteen years, it’s almost laughable what we considered to be “high tech” or “cutting edge” in years past.  Briefcase cell phones, beepers, bulky video game systems, and yes, supplements that didn’t taste great and didn’t give us the results we desired, were the norm.  As the years pass, researchers do their thing, and technology improves at a faster rate each year as computing power expands following Moore’s Law, and the greater overall wealth of knowledge grows.  In other words, our information can more easily (and quickly) be accessed, indexed, and utilized. The result is that everything we know about work, communications, information exchange, and sports supplementation is changing on almost an annual basis, and at a faster rate each year.

If you’re employed in any major field today, then you are likely continually working not only to realize the new trends, but also to develop the skills and product offerings, to keep up with the new possibilities offered by your competitors who see these trends too – and act upon them.  Every job role from taxi driver to mechanical engineer is being affected on an annual basis.  Job descriptions evolve as these trends change, and new opportunities arise – for those who are clever.  We’d all love to know what the next Apple, or Google, or Samsung will be.  We’d all love to be able to invest in whatever tech, medical, or entertainment trend will be the hottest thing in our world, five or ten years from now.  The advantages we can attain from being able to see the future are almost too many to count.

This same perpetual growth principle holds true for the supplementation world.  Being able to recognize which supplement manufacturers are taking new approaches, and finding new ways to deliver their product’s capabilities to our bodies faster and with greater effectiveness, also has the promise of great advantage for the individual trainer.   Whether you’re a bodybuilding, figure, or fitness competitor seeking ways to gain a sustainable competitive advantage over your peers, or just a casual lifter seeking a better physique for the boardroom or the bedroom, knowing which supplements WILL BE the most popular based upon effectiveness in years to come can give you a clear advantage today.  You can embrace the benefits these supplements offer, long before your peers catch on!  Your gains will outpace theirs, allowing you to outshine your competitors in whatever arena you choose.

Sublingual supplementation is one such area where often untold advantages lie, ripe for the picking.  What will likely be remembered as THE top breakthrough in supplementation of the 2010s, the ability to bypass the single biggest obstacle to supplement effectiveness – the digestive system – is one which is so plainly obvious that most experienced lifters may just laugh and shake their head when they first realize the possibility.  “Of course!”

Every lifter worth his or her salt is well aware of the treacherous and destructive path which oral supplements take, from the moment they enter your mouth, to the point where they become effective, upon being diffused into the bloodstream. It’s just been an accepted part of taking supplements – until now.  Sublingual supplements allow the fitness enthusiast to find a way around these destructive forces, once thought inevitable.   Sublingual is from the Latin meaning “under the tongue”, and supplements consumed via sublingual means are taken exactly that way.  The chemical is taken underneath the tongue, coming in contact with mucous membrane, located beneath the tongue.  The supplement then enters the venous circulation.  This allows the supplement to complete bypass the liver and its “first pass” metabolism method, which can eliminate up to 90% of  supplement before it ever has a chance to deliver results.

For years, physicians have recommended patients consume some medications sublingually, as the absorption rate and speed are so much better than taken by traditional means – often up to ten times better absorption rate.  When the effective absorption rate of a medicine can be the difference between life and death, many men and women of medicine choose sublingual as the preferred means of delivery.  As with many supplements, advantages from the medical field eventually work their way to the sports supplement world.    Sublingual supplements enter the bloodstream much faster than traditional supplements, and at a much higher rate.  Those lifters in the gym who are taking sublingual supplements are going to see a much higher level of results from the same supplements others are taking – because their delivery method is that much more effective.

A decade from now, we’ll look back at 2017 and laugh at many of the trivial items which stumped us, and the low-tech solutions we utilized every day to meet our needs.  Whatever avenues of communication, medical breakthroughs, and new killer apps arrive on the scene in the next decade, our older selves will look back at today’s versions with a smile.  Those of us that embraced sublingual delivery in 2017 will have seen huge advantages over time, due to our ability to recognize clear and obvious advantages before anyone else.  Look back, think forward, and embrace future trends before everyone else… the advantages are yours for the taking!.

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The Rise of the Guru

We call them GURUS.  Nearly all of the world’s top bodybuilders have one…..and, just like an iPad, if they don’t have one, they’ve probably thought about getting one.  There’s a certain nobility in the notion that bodybuilding has actually evolved into a team sport.  Some gurus are qualified, while others aren’t.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell the difference, until it’s too late.   But, what exactly is a GURU?

There’s really no defined criteria or certification that renders someone a Bodybuilding Guru.  Some have authored books and others have earned their stripes in the classroom studying various aspects of physiology and nutrition. Many of the world’s top advisors have earned their “Guru-Status” through years of trial, error and good old fashioned on-the-job (in the gym) experience.

Gurus are a unique and often polarizing sub-section of the bodybuilding community.  Many of their names are familiar; Nicholls, Farah, Aceto, Rambod, Palumbo, Ardon, Davies, Oddo, Mubarak among others.  You’ll find many of their strategies in the pages of magazines, and they don’t often agree with each other.

A Guru’s role (for those of you just joining the party) is to assist his “client” with the countless elements that comprise the contest preparation process….from general diet, training and supplementation, all the way to the finer details of carb depletion and sodium manipulation.

The Athlete-Guru relationship can be a bit thorny and complex.  When the relationship produces victories, it’s often poisoned when the Guru seeks to publically take credit for his client’s success.  When the relationship yields disappointing results, the hazards typically arise from a swift exchange of blame.  But rest assured, there have also been some very successful and enduring partnerships.

Chad Nicholls, the famed Guru often credited for Ronnie Coleman’s success, is quick to point out the secret to a productive relationship with an athlete.  “The key to a successful relationship is honesty. I’m known for extreme honesty with my clients. There are far too many cheerleaders out there who only tell the client what they want to hear, as opposed to what they NEED to hear. When giving a client constructive criticism, I’ll often remind them that this is what they pay me for.”

George Farah, another top advisor whose client list includes the likes of Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson and Branch Warren, explains, “If an athlete hires an advisor, it’s important that he or she goes ALL-IN.  The relationship will never work if the athlete only follows a portion of the advisor’s instruction.  It has to be an all-or-nothing relationship.”

Among the many oddities of the Bodybuilder/Guru relationship is the public displays of gratitude.  Moments after one of his Mr. Olympia wins, an emotional Phil Heath praised his long time advisor Hany Rambod during his victory speech.  Have you ever heard Tom Brady thank his QB Coach after a big win?  When was the last time you saw a World Series MVP publically thank his hitting coach? — But bodybuilding is different.  It’s a far more personal journey.  A Guru is often forced to assume the role of psychologist, marriage-councilor, and therapist.

Finding a Guru is the easy part, but finding the RIGHT one can be far more complicated.  I spoke to a well-known pro bodybuilder (who asked to remain anonymous) about the challenges of finding the right Guru.  He explained, “I’ve worked with 6 different advisors.  The number one rule when choosing one is to find one whose knowledge is larger than his ego.  The number two rule is to avoid a Guru who applies the same strategy to all of his clients.  All of our bodies respond differently, so what works for Flex Wheeler might not work for Flex Lewis.”

When it comes to Gurus there’s plenty of room for debate, but one thing I know for sure is that the Guru business is BOOMING!

Article by bodybuilding media veteran Dan Solomon (originally published in MD Magazine)

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Don’t Train Like a Sissy!

I saw a great photo of Clint Eastwood on Facebook the other day with the quote, “I miss the ole days when everybody wasn’t such a pussy”.   Although I’m not quite as old as Clint, I can relate to his brash opinion of the diminishing state of manhood when it comes to the modern day gym scene.

Back in the old days, before corporate America decided to cash in on the burgeoning fitness boom by creating massive fitness centers that cater to everyone (from your grandparents to your adolescent child), the gym was a hardcore sweat shop filled with tough, serious BIG men. It was an atmosphere that demanded HARD TRAINING.

As I watch today’s gym member workout, I cringe at what I’m seeing.  I realize that not everyone wants be a competitive bodybuilder but, can’t we assume that nearly everyone who is spending their quality time in the gym wants to change the way they look. Otherwise, why would they be there?

What I’m witnessing is a bunch of mostly young men who are training with ridiculously light weights, utilizing poor form, demonstrating little intensity and choosing exercises that will do very little in the way of building any muscle or strength.   Before I pass harsh judgement on these individuals like Mr. Eastwood, I have to remember that the gym scene today is much different than it was 30 years ago.  Most of these new converts to the gym don’t have any good role models to teach them the proper way to train.

In the 1970’s and ’80’s, before professional bodybuilders morphed into “Gigantic” mode, the path to a muscular physique was through extremely hard training.  Steroids were part of the game back then but the drugs worked best in association with high intensity, ball-busting workouts. There were no mega-dosing, artificial growth hormone, insulin, and sight injections around to pump up the body to oversized proportions.  If you wanted to grow, you had to earn it!

As a young, aspiring bodybuilder, I read stories in MuscleBuilder magazine of Arnold training 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and how he “bombed and blitzed” his muscles in preparation for the Mr. Olympia contest each year.  Arnold would require as many as three training partners to keep up with his high volume, high intensity training sessions. The tales of Arnold burning out any bodybuilder who tried to keep up with him were legendary.

Before Arnold won the Mr. Olympia, he was a contender for the throne held by “The Myth” Sergio Oliva. To better figure out his opponent, Arnold traveled to Sergio’s hometown of Chicago in 1969 to personally train with him. To say that he was impressed by the reigning Mr. Olympia’s work ethic is an understatement.  Arnold watched Sergio begin the workout with 10 sets of 20 reps of Behind the Neck Chins and this was just his warm-up!  After working out with Sergio for a week, Arnold knew he would have to dramatically change his game if he had any hope of defeating him onstage.

Perhaps the most respected, hard training bodybuilder in the sport was Tom Platz. Known for his legendary leg development, Platz developed his wheels by mastering the hardest exercise in existence, the Barbell Squat.  Tom approached each leg workout with a religious reverence.  He would visualize each workout for hours or even days before the actual event. He even went so far as to wear clothing that would make his legs appear shorter so when he looked at his image in the mirror, it appeared as if he had a shorter distance to squat during the movement.

After developing incredible strength in the squat exercise, Platz pushed the intensity even further by incorporating workouts in which he squatted with more moderate poundages, but extremely high reps.  One leg training session would see Platz squatting with up to 600 pounds. His next leg workout, however, might involve 20 reps with 405 pounds or 40 reps with 315 pounds.  In one legendary squat workout, Platz reached insane levels of intensity by squatting with 225 pounds for over 5 minutes straight. After one of these crazy sets, Platz would literally collapse on the gym floor, completely exhausted and drained from giving his set everything he had!

These were our bodybuilding heroes when I was growing up. All the aspiring, young bodybuilders training in the hardcore gyms might never develop their chest or arms like Arnold or legs like Platz, but there was nothing stopping us from training with all out intensity in an effort to try. This is what bodybuilding was all about! It wasn’t about having huge, bloated arms or weighing 300 pounds. It’s also not about being ripped with six pack abs and taking selfies in the mirror on a daily basis.  The true spirit of Bodybuilding is in the training – Pushing your mind, body and spirit to go where you’ve never gone before is what develops the character and mental fortitude that defines a real bodybuilder. 

 Do me a favor.  For your next workout, leave your cell phone in the car and stop relying on the motivational song in your iPhone.  Visualize the magnificent physiques of Schwarzenegger, Oliva, Mentzer and Platz and approach your workout with the mindset of a true warrior, not some pussy wannabe who is more concerned with posting faux photos or videos or half ass cable movements with a weight that most 110 pound females could use.  Tap into your inner spirit. It’s down there somewhere.  Let’s not let the true meaning of Bodybuilding fade away with the memories of the legendary bodybuilders of the past.  Create your own personal legacy by shutting off the devices, releasing your inner desire, and training like a true Bodybuilding Warrior.

Article by John Hansen, orignally published by Digital Muscle Media.

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Premier Pharmaceutical is the Choice of Pro Figure Athlete Kelly Dominick

Premier Pharmaceutical is the Choice of Pro Figure Athlete Kelly Dominick 

 Kelly Dominick, a professional figure competitor in the IFBB, is climbing the ladder in her sport, taking full advantage of great genetics and world class conditioning.  Known as one of the hardest working athletes in the business, Kelly has made the Premier line of sublingual supplements a central part of her contest prep strategy on a year round basis.

Not only is Kelly a threat on the stage, but she’s a devoted and dedicated mother to her 3 children. She loves the support from her family and friends, as well as her strong following from the southern region of the NPC.

Under the very close eye of top physique enhancement & competition prep coach Dan Eslinger (www.d4musclefit.net), she has a unique story. Scoliosis and Spondylolisthesis along with scapular dyskinesis, aka severe shoulder blade and spinal issues, she overcomes the odds each time she walks on a stage or in a gym.

Look for Kelly onstage in 2017.  With a lot of hard work and some of the best supplements in the industry, it should be a big year for her.  You can follow Kelly and her journey to the 2017 IFBB Figure Olympia stage by following her Instagram @IFBBPRO_KD!

With the addition of Glyco Manager, & Estrogen Blocker, along with the new sublingual BCAA, you can expect Kelly to be at her all time best.

Follow me Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Personal and Instagram


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Bikini Star Mariana Santos Chooses Premier Pharmaceutical for Stage Ready Physique

Bikini Star Mariana Santos Chooses Premier Pharmaceutical for Stage Ready Physique

Mariana Santos is an optimistic, upbeat, and driven New Jersey girl with Brazilian roots.  She also has one of the world’s most celebrated physiques as a member of the IFBB professional bikini division.  After trying out countless nutritional supplements she has come to depend on the remarkable sublingual supplements of Premier Pharmaceutical, one of the fastest growing new supplement brands in the industry.

When she was working on attaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology and minoring in both public health and gender studies, her interest switched from dance to personal health and fitness. Mariana was amazed and captivated with the results she quickly obtained by following a proper training and nutrition program.

Wanting to challenge her limits, she signed up for her first NPC bikini contest in early 2014. Mariana fell in love with how bodybuilding pushed her mentally, physically, and emotionally, providing her with the opportunity to inspire others. Within four months of her first show and four shows later in the same year, she not only received her Pro status, but also earned the overall bikini champion title at the prestigious Team Universe. Her current goal is to qualify and earn the honor of stepping on the 2017 Olympia stage.

With so many supplement brands on the market, Premier Pharmaceutical is fast becoming the preferred choice of athletes from around the world, just like Mariana, who seek a higher level of absorption and more extreme results.

You can follow her adventures on Facebook or Instagram

Believe that you can and you’re halfway there.

-Theodore Roosevelt-


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Glyco Manager® by Premier Pharmaceuticals

Premier Pharmaceuticals – Glyco Manager® is a nutritional supplement with scientifically tested ingredients designed to support healthy insulin function by enhancing carbohydrate uptake and metabolism. It features a unique combination of Chromium, Vanadium, Phellodendron, and Banaba – these earth elements represent and contain a broad foundation of phytochemicals that are to be used as part of a healthy diet for maintaining maximum insulin response, expediting carbohydrate metabolism. Recent studies have shed light on the potential roles of Chromium and Vanadium in maintaining proper carbohydrate and lipid metabolism at a molecular level, by binding to insulin receptors and activating the receptor’s tyrosine kinase activity – what this means is, These compounds appear to play a role in amplifying the mechanism in insulin signaling and carbohydrate uptake. (1)

            Phellodendron and Crape Myrtle are believed to contain certain active ingredients within the leaves that have insulin-modulating properties. Specifically, Banaba, a variety of Crape Myrtle that grows in certain parts of the world (eg, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Australia) and contains corosolic acid, for which increased interest exists in relation to its potential role in treating type-2 diabetes, due to the multiple metabolic effects reported for corosolic acid, including stimulated glucose uptake. (2) Research continues to show that people can obtain better results by adding increased macro/micronutrients, phytonutrients, and herbs into their daily regimen. That is why GlycoManager® offers a complete line of industry-leading, science-based nutraceuticals to address key areas of increased glucose metabolism for the everyday athlete, to the most advanced.


  1. Vincent, J., (2000) The Biochemistry of Chromium, The Journal of Nutrition, 715-718. Department of Chemistry and Coalition for Biomolecular Products, The University of Alabama.
  2. Canale, R., Farney, T., McCarthy, C., Bloomer, R., (2011). A Blend of phellodendron and crape Myrtle Improves Glucose Tolerance in exercise-Trained Men. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolic Insights, 39-47, Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Laboratory, The University of Memphis.
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Fitness & Bodybuilding Celebrity Stan McQuay Chooses Premier Pharmaceutical

Fitness & Bodybuilding Celebrity Stan McQuay Chooses Premier Pharmaceutical

Premier Pharmaceutical is attracting attention from many of the top bodybuilders and fitness celebrities in the world.  Jaw dropping results delivered by an advanced sublingual (under the tongue) delivery system have created industry-wide buzz.

Stan McQuay, a household name in the fitness industry, has added his name to the list of loyal users of Premier Pharmaceutical Supplements, including the new sublingual Branched Chain Amino formula, a game changer in the recovery category.

Stan moved to the United States from Japan with his family at an early age, living first in Illinois before settling in California.  Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Stan spent most of his time surfing and skateboarding.  At a height of 5’ 7” and weighing 135 lbs, Stan began weight-training to gain the muscle-mass necessary for college football.

Stan Is known in the Fitness Industry for his long trajectory since he became a sensation on the amateur bodybuilding scene and then earning his Pro Card, stepping into the professional division with great success in the new “Men’s Classic Physique” category and has been featured in many bodybuilding magazines and videos.

Stan recently made history becoming one of the first Men’s Classic competitors to qualify for the Mr. Olympia. 

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Premier Pharmaceuticals All-Natural Estrogen Blocker

            I think we have all heard of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen, but what we may not have heard is that they are present, and both play vital roles, in both men and women. These two hormones play an intimate part in the performance of one another. It is not so much the levels of each hormone on its own, but more so the ratio of the levels in conjunction with one another. Every man knows that his testosterone levels play a very important role in his characteristics and feelings of being a man, surprisingly most men are not aware that estrogen levels are just as important in the function and effects of their testosterone, as well.

            When estrogen levels are too high they have the ability to “decrease” the levels of testosterone on their own, even when the total number of testosterone stays the same. What that means is, estrogen levels have everything to do with the amount of testosterone that can be effective within the body; estrogen levels alone can inhibit testosterone by affecting the ratio of the two combined. There are natural earth elements and compounds that can eradicate, decrease and in some cases even stop the synthesis of estrogen, while simultaneously “increasing” and supporting maximum testosterone levels. (1-7) Removing the negative effects of increased estrogen in males, these compounds have been presented in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals to do just that. Compounds such as: Indole-3- carbinol (I3C) cause growth arrest, increased cell death and ameliorate the effects of estrogen (1); Diindolylmethane (DIM), much like I3C, it is found in cruciferous vegetables and has the ability to arrest estrogen activity and assist in its metabolism (2); Agaricus Bisporus, found in mushrooms, has very powerful anti-aromatase activity which suppresses estrogen bio-synthesis (3); Calcium D Glucarate, initiates a process called glucaronidation, the process by which estrogen is metabolized and detoxified from the body (4). These, along with other compounds used in Premier Pharmaceuticals powerful and effective proprietary Estrogen Blocker, have very strong effects on lowering negative and unwanted estrogen levels. By not only removing them from the body but also by stopping or decreasing the amount of testosterone that is converted into estrogen and estrogen metabolites – by a process called aromatization. (3) Premier Pharmaceuticals has compiled years of research, and obtained only the best quality ingredients to formulate these compounds into one product to make it easy for men to keep their hormone levels normalized and their estrogen production at bay.

            Furthermore, the overproduction of certain sex hormones is intimately related to the synthesis of cancer. Cancer rates are continuously growing, and are said to affect 1 out of 2 people in their lifetimes. Studies show that the compounds used in PP’s Estrogen Blocker also possess the chemoprotective properties found in numerous studies to regress cancers and tumors in patients by lowering bad hormone levels and balancing and regulating the good ones (1-4,6,7); so it could be said that these compounds can be used as a means of prevention and not just treatment, for the reduction and prevention of cancers and not just the removal and lowering of unwanted sex hormones in the athlete or healthy individual.

Dr. Joseph A. Arena, Holistic Physician


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