4 Key Exercises that Effectively Activate your Core

If you are a beginner to training or recently getting back into shape, you must have already heard of core training. You can read about these exercises in magazines or hear from doctors who recommend it but it’s important to understand the value of core strength.

Activating your core is not always easy if you are new to exercise or if you have limited knowledge on effective workouts.  There are a few great workouts we will share in this post but first, “what is the core”?

What is the Core?

The term “core” describes everything on your body except for your arms and legs, meaning it mostly refers to the abdomen or the abdominal muscles, glutes, inner abdominal muscles, scapula, and pelvic floor. Your core is the part of your body where power is normally generated to help you move.

While abdominal and inner abdominal muscles play a vital role to make your core stable, they are not the only ones that make up your core. Oftentimes, people have mistaken that their abs are their only core since they only do ineffective exercises. To help you achieve better core strength, here are 4 fundamental exercises for your core:

Tummy Vacuums

Tummy vacuums are simple but powerful core-conditioning exercises. It is essential for beginners like women who already had children, people who have not been very active or for people who usually sit for long periods.

This exercise helps in reconditioning the transverse abdominals (TVA) in order to brace the spine during movement. TVA our internal “weight belt”. It needs to be engaged when we try to move or lift something.

If you are pregnant, not active or sit for a very long time, your TVA may not be functioning well and become dormant since your body may now have forgotten to engage it during activities.

Clam Shells

The glutes are the strongest muscles in your body—these are your butt muscles. When your glutes work the way they should, they become a powerhouse that helps in putting and stabilizing your driving power in any athletic movement. But when they do not, you may experience back pain, weakness, and muscle imbalance. With clam shells as an exercise, your glutes can be activated again.

Dead Bugs

Another effective exercise to stabilize your trunk and core strength is dead bugs. This exercise improves core conditioning and stabilizes your trunk and hips. This also prepares you for crawling exercises by building coordination between the leg and hand movements. This is only performed on your back.

Band Anti-Rotation

Your abdominal muscles have 3 main functions: the anti-extension, anti-rotation, and anti-lateral flexion. Exercises for the anti-lateral flexion and anti-extension are planks. But people usually forget anti-rotation. Well, the band anti-rotation exercise is very effective, simple, and can be done at the gym or at home.