The year in 2017.  Looking back ten or fifteen years, it’s almost laughable what we considered to be “high tech” or “cutting edge” in years past.  Briefcase cell phones, beepers, bulky video game systems, and yes, supplements that didn’t taste great and didn’t give us the results we desired, were the norm.  As the years pass, researchers do their thing, and technology improves at a faster rate each year as computing power expands following Moore’s Law, and the greater overall wealth of knowledge grows.  In other words, our information can more easily (and quickly) be accessed, indexed, and utilized. The result is that everything we know about work, communications, information exchange, and sports supplementation is changing on almost an annual basis, and at a faster rate each year.

If you’re employed in any major field today, then you are likely continually working not only to realize the new trends, but also to develop the skills and product offerings, to keep up with the new possibilities offered by your competitors who see these trends too – and act upon them.  Every job role from taxi driver to mechanical engineer is being affected on an annual basis.  Job descriptions evolve as these trends change, and new opportunities arise – for those who are clever.  We’d all love to know what the next Apple, or Google, or Samsung will be.  We’d all love to be able to invest in whatever tech, medical, or entertainment trend will be the hottest thing in our world, five or ten years from now.  The advantages we can attain from being able to see the future are almost too many to count.

This same perpetual growth principle holds true for the supplementation world.  Being able to recognize which supplement manufacturers are taking new approaches, and finding new ways to deliver their product’s capabilities to our bodies faster and with greater effectiveness, also has the promise of great advantage for the individual trainer.   Whether you’re a bodybuilding, figure, or fitness competitor seeking ways to gain a sustainable competitive advantage over your peers, or just a casual lifter seeking a better physique for the boardroom or the bedroom, knowing which supplements WILL BE the most popular based upon effectiveness in years to come can give you a clear advantage today.  You can embrace the benefits these supplements offer, long before your peers catch on!  Your gains will outpace theirs, allowing you to outshine your competitors in whatever arena you choose.

Sublingual supplementation is one such area where often untold advantages lie, ripe for the picking.  What will likely be remembered as THE top breakthrough in supplementation of the 2010s, the ability to bypass the single biggest obstacle to supplement effectiveness – the digestive system – is one which is so plainly obvious that most experienced lifters may just laugh and shake their head when they first realize the possibility.  “Of course!”

Every lifter worth his or her salt is well aware of the treacherous and destructive path which oral supplements take, from the moment they enter your mouth, to the point where they become effective, upon being diffused into the bloodstream. It’s just been an accepted part of taking supplements – until now.  Sublingual supplements allow the fitness enthusiast to find a way around these destructive forces, once thought inevitable.   Sublingual is from the Latin meaning “under the tongue”, and supplements consumed via sublingual means are taken exactly that way.  The chemical is taken underneath the tongue, coming in contact with mucous membrane, located beneath the tongue.  The supplement then enters the venous circulation.  This allows the supplement to complete bypass the liver and its “first pass” metabolism method, which can eliminate up to 90% of  supplement before it ever has a chance to deliver results.

For years, physicians have recommended patients consume some medications sublingually, as the absorption rate and speed are so much better than taken by traditional means – often up to ten times better absorption rate.  When the effective absorption rate of a medicine can be the difference between life and death, many men and women of medicine choose sublingual as the preferred means of delivery.  As with many supplements, advantages from the medical field eventually work their way to the sports supplement world.    Sublingual supplements enter the bloodstream much faster than traditional supplements, and at a much higher rate.  Those lifters in the gym who are taking sublingual supplements are going to see a much higher level of results from the same supplements others are taking – because their delivery method is that much more effective.

A decade from now, we’ll look back at 2017 and laugh at many of the trivial items which stumped us, and the low-tech solutions we utilized every day to meet our needs.  Whatever avenues of communication, medical breakthroughs, and new killer apps arrive on the scene in the next decade, our older selves will look back at today’s versions with a smile.  Those of us that embraced sublingual delivery in 2017 will have seen huge advantages over time, due to our ability to recognize clear and obvious advantages before anyone else.  Look back, think forward, and embrace future trends before everyone else… the advantages are yours for the taking!.