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ESTROGEN BLOCKER RX™, is a premium matrix of natural earth elements and compounds that can eradicate, decrease and in some cases even stop the synthesis of Estrogen, while simultaneously increasing and supporting maximum testosterone levels.  To ensure effectiveness, ESTROGEN BLOCKER RX™ was developed for sublingual delivery (under the tongue) for maximum absorption.

Testosterone and Estrogen are present, and both play vital roles, in both men and women.  The science community, through extensive research, has made it increasingly clear that estrogen directly impacts testosterone just as testosterone directly impacts estrogen.   When estrogen levels are too high they have the ability to decrease the levels of testosterone. This means that estrogen levels have everything to do with the amount of testosterone that can be effective within the body; estrogen levels alone can inhibit testosterone by affecting the ratio of the two combined.

Directions:  As a dietary supplement, Take one dropper (1 ml) twice daily/

Examining the Formula

 (1-7) Removing the negative effects of increased estrogen in males, these compounds have been presented in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals to do just that. Compounds such as: Indole-3- carbinol (I3C) cause growth arrest, increased cell death and ameliorate the effects of estrogen (1); Diindolylmethane (DIM), much like I3C, it is found in cruciferous vegetables and has the ability to arrest estrogen activity and assist in its metabolism (2); Agaricus Bisporus, found in mushrooms, has very powerful anti-aromatase activity which suppresses estrogen bio-synthesis (3); Calcium D Glucarate, initiates a process called glucaronidation, the process by which estrogen is metabolized and detoxified from the body (4). These, along with other compounds used in PREMIER RX™, powerful and effective proprietary Estrogen Blocker, have very strong effects on lowering negative and unwanted estrogen levels. By not only removing them from the body but also by stopping or decreasing the amount of testosterone that is converted into estrogen and estrogen metabolites by a process called aromatization. (3) Premier Rx has compiled years of research, and obtained only the best quality ingredients to formulate these compounds into one product to make it easy for men to keep their hormone levels normalized and their estrogen production at bay.

Furthermore, the overproduction of certain sex hormones is intimately related to the synthesis of cancer. Cancer rates are continuously growing, and are said to affect 1 out of 2 people in their lifetimes. Studies show that the compounds used in ESTROGEN BLOCKER RX™, also possess the chemoprotective properties found in numerous studies to regress cancers and tumors in patients by lowering bad hormone levels and balancing and regulating the good ones (1-4,6,7); so it could be said that these compounds can be used as a means of prevention and not just treatment, for the reduction and prevention of cancers and not just the removal and lowering of unwanted sex hormones in the athlete or healthy individual.   -Dr. Joseph A. Arena, Holistic Physician


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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