Unlike any supplement brand in the world, Premier was built from the ground up with an unrivaled commitment to nutrient absorption. After reviewing thousands of products in the marketplace, we discovered a shockingly low rate of absorption, drastically diminishing their effectiveness. To put it simply, most powders and pills are broken down during the digestion process, preventing key ingredients from reaching the bloodstream.  Total absorption rates for many of the supplements you’ve been buying may be as low as 10%, meaning that up to 90% of their key ingredients never perform their desired function.


Premier Solves the Problem!
     Developed by our lead chemist (with an advanced degree from Harvard) our Maximum Absorption Technology (M.A.T.) has given way to a unique sublingual delivery system that allows the body to absorb up to an astounding 94.9% per dose directly into the bloodstream, completely bypassing the digestion process.  Sublingual delivery (under the tongue) results in a potency 4 to 5 times greater than most capsules and powders.


     That’s just the beginning.  While our sublingual delivery system is already considered a giant step forward in supplementation, our advanced, patent-pending formulas have helped Premier emerge as one of the world’s most celebrated and innovative companies within the health sector.  With nearly a half-century of experience in the pharmacological, supplementation and fitness industries, our team is helping men and women around the world achieve their goals with a level of efficiency and effectiveness never thought possible.


Welcome to Premier the NEXT level in supplementation.


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